We offer a variety of activities for our guests pleasure. While we give all our guests  the very best care and attention, many of our guests enjoy adding a few activities to their agenda for a fun filled vacation experience. These services are ala carte and may be ordered in any way that suits your pets needs and accommodates your budget. Some activities are seasonal .
Please inquire at check in .
Please limit 3 activities per day so that all our guests have an opportunity to enjoy  them.

TLC Time
  A 15 minute session of one on one "special time" for you pet with a staff member doing a favorite past time. This is a great thing for pets that enjoy a more sedate inside atmosphere. It can be cuddling, brushing, playing inside or just quite lap time. This is much enjoyed by our kitty guests too!

Nature Walks
A 15 minute session of one on one with your pet and one of our staff for a stroll around the grounds. We use our own Flexi-Lead retractable leashes to give your pet a more freedom for this walk. A great experience for your pet.

Park Play
A fun filled action packed romp in our fenced  grassy yards. This can be a great off leash energy burner for active pets to play ball & chase or a leisure time for inactive pets that want to explore at their own pace. It's players choice ! They can see other dogs but have their playtime  in a private fenced yard. We offer this activity in 15 or 30 minute increments . It is ideal for family groups and if you choose the 30 minute session the 2nd pet and any additional family member plays at half price.
15 min- $6.00
30 min- $12.00

Water Play
What better way to cool off a "hot dog" than a dip in a pool? Water Play consist of a small individual pool designed with our canine pals in mind. Water toys are also included. If your pal enjoys water play, this is just what he needs. We offer a one on one session in a shallow wading pool for splashing about to cool off on a hot summer day. This special treat will be enjoyed in a Park Play setting.
30 min- $15.00