Luxury hotel for pets puts on the dog

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 09/05/07

When Shannon and Jay Hoffman lived in Allentown, Pa., they had family nearby who could pet-sit for them. They felt comfortable dropping off their dog for an afternoon or weekend.

Now, the closest relative is almost 200 miles from their Dacula home. But Shannon Hoffman has found a family of sorts for their beloved Pinnock, a 6-year-old boxer, at Pets Inn Suites in Braselton.

Rebecca McCarthy/AJC
Pets Inn Suites co-owner Angie Peevey holds Maggie after a walk. 'Guests' get regular exercise.

"Our animals seem to do well there," said Hoffman, 34, who also brings her two cats to the facility. "It's definitely worth the money."

Angie Peevy and her husband, Ken, opened their Braselton business last December on 7 acres near I-85. They've transformed a former equine hospital into a facility fit for companion pets, with different-sized quarters and amenities.

"We treat people's animals the way we would want ours to be treated," said Angie Peevy. "These pets are part of families."

With its water fountains, low lighting and quiet music, this isn't your average kennel. It's a place where dogs and cats are treated like guests instead of animal boarders, with personal regimens and wishes to be met.

Does your Westie like his food heated? No problem. Got an older dog needing fluids administered intravenously? They're on it. Does your Siamese like a particular song? Bring it and the folks at Pet Inn Suites will play it.

The 31 deluxe guest rooms feature wrought iron-frame beds, brass beds, raised cots or your own personal bedding. Each has a television playing animal-themed movies. Near the door hangs a basket of toys, along with papers detailing contact information, special instructions and a log of activities.

At $40 per day for a single pet, the executive suites have cherry sleigh beds, leaded glass doors, televisions and wall murals. The less pricey, indoor/outdoor quarters go

for $21 a day for a single animal and offer round-the-clock access to an outdoor dog run secure from the elements.

Regardless of where a guest

stays, each one in a suite receives a minimum of four outings a day.

Owners choosing the indoor/outdoor quarters can pay extra for regular outings.

The Peevys have plans to install an indoor playground, an outdoor water park and a garden. There's a caretaker's cottage within sight of the facility and a staff who come and tuck in the animals at night. And there's also a salon for pet grooming.

For the past few months, dog owner Dean Gregory of Hall County has been bringing Dudley the dachshund and Doodles the peekapoo to be groomed at Pets Inn Suites.

"They're top-notch," Gregory said. "It's a real classy place."