The perfect compliment to any stay at our Resort is a visit to our Spa. We have a full service grooming salon to cater to all of our guests needs. We use an invigorating water massage system with jet action combined with special shampoos to remove loose hair and debris for the healthiest skin possible. All baths and grooms include hand drying, ear cleaning, a spritz of cologne and a complimentary nail trimming!

Our Groomers can work with you to transform your pet into the ideal image of what you desire your pet to be. They can also help with ideas and suggestion for easier coat care methods that will give added pleasure to you and your pet for the daily maintenance of your pets coat.We feature hand scissoring and can groom all breeds.It is our goal to provide a pleasant Spa experience for your pet and to deliver a professional bath and groom. Anything less than this is not acceptable.
  We are committed to offering a specialized approach to each pet's situation (geriatric and behaviorally challenged) and will work with you to provide the best possible care for your pet. Our services will reflect what is best for your pet's individual needs what ever that may be! We welcome feline guests also into our Spa for all of these same services.

Lodging is not required for your pet to visit our Spa. Call or use our On-Line form to schedule a visit for your pet  to experince any of our Spa services.