Leashes and Walks

For your pet's safety as well as others, please have your pet on a leash and under your control at all times when entering or leaving the Resort. Some days are a bit crowded and we would not want  anyone accidentally injured or someone  frightened. Should you forget your leash please come in and we will let you borrow one of ours.
All pets while under our care will not be allowed to go on walks or leave the premise except under the direct supervision of a member of the staff of our Resort. This means that a family member may not come by and take your pet on a walk while you are out of town. We have no way of knowing whether they will have responsible control . Our insurance liability prohibits this.
 Extended stay guests may be released for day or weekend outings with the owner that allow them to leave the premises. While an extended stay guest is absent charges would continue to accumulate as we will hold their accommodations for them.

Check In/Out Policies

You may Check-In any time during normal Business Hours. Charges at our normal daily rate begins on the day of your arrival at what ever time you find convenient to drop your pet(s) off. If you pick up your pet before 12:00 p.m. on your departure day, you will not be charged for that day.
Should your pet be scheduled for grooming on the day of departure and we know in advance to give you a courtesy call we will extend the pick up time for no charge for 2 hours past the call time.  For example if you want a "call when finished "on you pet that is having a bath or groom and we finish at 2:00 we will call you and you will have until 4 pm to pick up without any daily charge.
Please, No Departures outside of our normal Business Hours. If You should have an Emergency after hours, we have a 24 hour answering service that you may leave a message on and we will return your call as soon as possible. You may also send an email which we have access to at all times to. Please understand that simple lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for our part. We are always available for TRUE emergencies.
 Sunday is a billable day whether you drop off or pick up your pet . We open as a courtesy 1 hour in the evenings only.
Our private residence onsite is just that - PRIVATE. Please honor our business hours. The
residence on site is for the safety and security of our guests.  It is your responsibility to make your vacation arrangements so that you are able to arrive back within regular business  hours to pick up your pet. So many times we have people that push the hours to last minute. We try very hard to be accommodating but we must set limits. Please respect our privacy.
Someone lurking around uninvited is very intrusive.
It is impossible to know if you are a client or an intruder than  might be intent upon harm.
 If you insist upon going beyond our posted "private" signs or fenced areas this is considered trespassing. It is an infringement on the safety  and privacy of our other guests and our  family home. The  property is protected by a security system and video cameras. The police will be called and trespassers will be prosecuted.

Dirty Pet Policy

If your pet arrives excessively dirty or smelly they will be required to have a bath in our Grooming Salon. We are constantly cleaning in order to provide you pet with a clean and pleasant area in which to stay.  One smelly pet can ruin the atmosphere for the entire Resort.
If your pet while staying at out Resort becomes in need of a bath, we will bath your pet in our Grooming Salon. This can sometimes happen with puppies who may be a little messier with food and potty habits , longer coated breeds that stay in the Suites and are taken for relief breaks, sometimes in not the best of weather.
All surfaces inside the Resort are impervious so any accidental food or water spillage, or potty accident can be potential for your pet to become in need of a bath.
If we decided that your pet needs to be bathed, please understand that it is for the comfort of you pet, not to add cost to you or profit to us. We simply can not allow your pet to endure this condition. If we find it necessary to bath your pet there will be a nominal fee for a "kennel bath" added to your  bill. This will be for a bath only, no grooming, dematting, or toenails clipped. If you find this policy to be unacceptable to you please advise the Staff at Check-In.


All vacations at our Resort should be reserved in advance of your arrival. Some times during our Summer and Holiday Seasons we will be filled to our capacity and not able to accept walk ins. Any vacations planned around a Holiday or in the summer when school is out should be made as far in advance as possible. All Holiday Reservations will require a deposit in the amount of the minimum charge requirement  for that Holiday. This deposit can be taken by phone with a credit card at the time the appointment is made. If you prefer  to make your deposit by check, you can mail it to us or you may drop it by the Resort. Deposits  made by check must be received within 7 days after the date  the appointment is made. Reservations made within 7 days of your arrival date would require a credit card or either be made in person. Reservations for Holidays will not be held without a deposit.  Holiday Reservations must be canceled with a minimum of  7 days notice prior to your arrival date. Cancellations of Holiday Reservations with less than a 7 day notice would result in  the loss of your deposit. All days reserved during Holidays and the months of June, July, and August will require a minimum of  3 days notice to change arrival or departure dates.
 Pick ups made earlier without this 3 day notice will be billed for the full amount of days reserved at time the appointment was made.

Minimum Charge Requirements

All vacations at the Resort are subject to a 2 day minimum charge. Stays less than two days would still be billed as a 2 day charge. This Policy is in effect year round.
Major holidays are also subject to minimum charge requirements. The minimum charge for Holidays will be either a 3 day or 4 day minimum charge. See our Holiday Hours section for information regarding minimums  for certain Holidays. Cancellation of Holiday Reservations without a seven day notice prior to your scheduled arrival date would result in you being charged for the Minimum Charge Requirement for that Holiday.


For the safety and comfort of all our guests we must require proof of vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian or a current titer. A list is provided below for your convenience. These must be current within the past 12 months or per the recommendations of your personal veterinarian- with the exception of 3 year rabies . We do accept a titer on all vaccines except Bordetella . Please fax a copy prior to your arrival so that we may add them to our files. This will give us ample opportunity to call you if we find something missing or expired. After your information is entered in our computer it will only need to be updated when your pet receives new vaccines on an annual basis. While we will try to remind you should we see that the vaccines are expired, it is the sole responsibility of the owner to keep their pets vaccines up dated and provide us with current information. Please be aware that most vets are closed at noon on Sat. and closed on Sundays and most Holidays. If you arrive and we do not have access to current vaccine records and are not able to verify through your veterinarian's office your pet cannot stay IN THE KENNEL. If we must make arrangements for them to get their vaccines there will be a $50 service charge in addition to the vet fees.
You may fax current vaccine records to 706-658-0245.


Method Of Payment

Payment is considered due when you pick up your pet unless other arrangements  have been previously approved by management. If someone else picks up your pet for you they should have the means by which to settle your account. For your convenience we gladly accept the following types of Payment.
Master Card ,Visa ,Discover and Personal Debit are the credit cards that we accept. We do not accept American Express. We  do accept personal checks with proper ID. Any returned check will be subject to a $30 service charge.
Any extended stay (over 14 days) would require a two week deposit at arrival followed by bi-monthly payments secured with a current credit card to insure the  Extended Stay Discount.

Bedding, Toys and Treats

Toys, treats and a favorite blanket are the most common.

 Try to keep the treats inline with what your pet is accustomed to eating at home. Sending too many treats can cause stomach upset when they are not given on a regular basis at home.
Please limit toys to 3 per pet and all blankets MUST ARRIVE CLEAN. We really welcome almost anything that you feel will make your pet happy but do ask that it be kept within reasonable limits. Over the past 20 years, we have had many extremes in what owners bring in with their pets. While we certainly do not want to deprive any animal, we find that many times it is for the feelings of the owner and that the pet rarely uses most of the items. An article of your clothing such as a T-shirt or a small blanket with your homes scent and a couple of toys are most acceptable; a toy box full of toys and a king-size comforter or your pool chair cushions are not.
We do ask that bedding be washable and  a MAXIMUM of beach towel size or small enough to be place on top of our beds. This keeps them off the floor and assists in keeping them clean. Please properly label all toys and blankets with a permanent marker. Any items that are damaged or soiled will be removed and bagged for your pets comfort and safety.
We prefer to not accept filled or foam beds unless prior arrangements are made with management for a special needs pet. We are more than happy to make bedding changes for an older incontinent pet. Smaller  towel size bedding is easier to launder. We also provide raised beds to keep them comfortable and off the floor surface.
Very large stuffed beds make it difficult for us to clean your pets room. Many times these beds come in dirty or become soiled while here and we are not equipped to launder them. This creates an unsanitary environment and odors. We have many options here to provide every guest with a bed that best suites their needs that we are able to keep clean and sanitary. Please inform us if your pet chews or is otherwise destructive. Charges will incur if damage is done to beds or enclosures.

We do try to wash soiled bedding as a courtesy when time allows, but this is not a part of our boarding service and may incur an additional charge. We ask that you do not send family heirlooms or other indispensable items. While we make every effort to care for personal items we cannot assume liability for them.
Pets can be very much like children and act out of character when away from home. They may chew or soil bedding  even when this is not their normal practice at home. Sometimes they will "mark" their territory because scent is a huge part of their instincts. We work very hard to keep everything as clean as possible. We ask that you do your part in helping by sending reasonable items that make it more possible.

Foods, Special Diets  and Medications

We provide a variety of premium diets to ensure that our guests eat properly. These foods are inclusive of your daily room rate up to twice daily. Should you prefer to avoid a diet change we welcome you to bring your pets personal food from home.  We will prepare and serve it as you direct. All canned food must be supplied from home. A microwave, oven and refrigerator are available as needed. We will serve "people food" and other specific diets but we must ask that all raw diets be individually packaged and arrive frozen. There will be an addition charge for serving raw bones and meat due to special preparation requirements and sanitation. If your pet requires a prescription diet or has health reasons for being fed a specialized diet, we ask that you provide it from home . Please label all food prior to arrival. If portion control is a concern, please prebag each meal in a zip lock bag for individual servings. If you have two pets from the same home that need to be separated for feeding time we will be happy to offer that service in our indoor/outdoor suites. It is not possible to separate pets in our indoor suites. If you have any concerns please feel free to address them with a staff member. We will work with you to provide the best situation for your family. Fresh spring water is available at all times.

Extra Activities

  We offer some additional activities for guests to participate in while visiting our Resort. These activities are in addition to and not in replacement of the daily attention and care that all our guest receive. All activities are provide as another way to increase your pets enjoyment while here with us. All  outdoor activities are performed "Weather Permitting" and some are seasonal. If for any reason your pet is not able to receive a scheduled activity, charges for that session will be deducted from your final bill. Pets that show any aggression are not eligible for these activities. Some activities may be suspended on Holidays.


  Our Resort is kept clean and fresh smelling at all times through hard work and a regimented cleaning policy. All runs are sanitized after every pet leaves and before your pet arrives with a commercial grade antibacterial, fungicide, anti-virus and disinfectant. We do not use bleach to sanitize your pets runs. Our sanitize solution though deadly to bacteria, fungi and viruses is made specifically for kennel areas. Accidental contact to this solution would not harm your pet in any way unlike some of the less expensive products, i.e. household bleach. Our runs are kept scooped and mopped all during the day, and washed down with a water hose when all of our Guests are confined inside. Water hoses are not used at times when your pet has access to their run. Stainless steel food bowls are washed after every meal. Stainless steel water bowls are kept full and are cleaned as often as needed.  All Runs have walls to prevent cross contamination.  Air is exchanged with fans to insure a constant supply of fresh air.

Emergency Policy

When you arrive you will be asked for a contact or emergency number to be placed on file in Case of Emergency . Your veterinarian's information will also be kept on file. In the rare event that your pet should require medical attention we would follow these guidelines.
If the situation allows us time, you or whoever you stated would be the first contact, this is sometimes all that is needed to clarify some concern we may have concerning you pet's behavior, next in procession would be your Veterinarian.
If at all possible and within reasonable distance we would use your Veterinarian. If the situation was an actual emergency require immediate medical attention, we have a Veterinarian on call 24 hours day and are in very close proximity to his practice and resident. Yes, We do have his home phone number. Through our experience, these are very isolated events and mostly involve more elderly guest or pet that has had an ongoing illness that we are aware of, but still the old adage "a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure" keeps us at all times prepared to act quickly and efficiently.